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DailyGear is a specialty store for EDC (EveryDay Carry) Products. EDC products are items that you generally carry with you every day for yourself or for your profession. We sell a selection of high-quality brands, so that you can enjoy your purchase for a long time or surprise someone with a solid gift. We are particularly specialized in pocket knives, flashlights and professional key chains, but you will find many nice other items with us, including sturdy lunch boxes, exclusive pens and outdoor items.

Our company is located in the Netherlands and ships throughout the European Union. We pack your order securely and durable and generally ship within 3 business days. If you order on working days before 14:00, your order will be processed on the same day.

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Everyday Carry (EDC), what is it?

Everyday Carry literally means “everything you carry with you every day”. For most people, these are house keys, a bag and, for example, your lunch box. Everyday Carry has grown into an art where you can save yourself as much as possible with as little things as possible. You don't always need most things, but you are prepared for unforeseen things that may come your way.

Everyday Carry, your personal belongings

Many people are already working on Everyday Carry without realizing it. This is because it is very human to carry something with you that makes you feel good and safe. Actually, this is just the urge to survive. The thing that evolved man into what we are today. Your personal belongings are therefore much more important than many people think!

What makes EDC fun?

EDC is entirely determined by what you think you need. So you decide for yourself where you want Everyday Carry equipment consists of. Your own stuff, your own style and all yours! By varying your belongings, you can balance what works best for you. Ultimately, you have EDC equipment that you can build on every day.

Prepared for a walk

Everyone carries a number of things with them every day that are very useful or that you are attached to. If you go a step further, you will be prepared. You bring things that come in handy when you have a breakdown, are in need or with which you can help or even save other people. The standard equipment you can start with consists of a pocket knife, multitool and a flashlight. You can of course expand your equipment with a first aid kit, water supply and everything else you think you need. Being prepared is a form of survival and can be done in the wilderness as well as in the city (Urban Survival).


Our store offers a selection of products that can help you put together your own Everyday Carry equipment. The focus is on high-quality products that you can rely on. Whether you're a police officer or prepper, mail sorter or traveler, everyone has something they like to carry with them. In what form, that's entirely up to you! We are happy to help you with your selection.


What can you find at DailyGear?


De multitool is an indispensable tool that you should always have with you. As the name suggests, you can handle almost any job with this compact tool. In addition to a pair of pliers and a pocket knife, most are multitools celebrated with various screwdrivers, files and scissors. Save yourself multitool on your belt, in your pocket, bag or car and you will soon find out how often this super invention comes in handy.

We deliver multitools from top brands such as Leatherman en SOG Knives.

buy pocket knife

Buy a pocket knife

The knife is man's oldest tool. Still it is pocket knife the best addition to our daily equipment. A good pocket knife always comes in handy, think of simple tasks such as opening a package or peeling fruit, but also saving use in the event of trapping such as laces between the pedals of the bicycle or cutting a seat belt.

In the range you will find knives for various applications such as collecting, rescue work, hobby, outdoor and tactical use. All knives we sell are selected for durability and good quality.

With us you buy knives from top brands including Benchmade, Spyderco en Buck Knives.


Do you want to buy a flashlight? Then you've come to the right place. We are specialists in flashlights VAN Olight. Olight flashlights meet high standards and requirements for professional use and certainly for normal applications. Police, emergency services, care providers, security guards and military personnel have trusted this brand for many years.

The service of Olight is above average. That is why we can supply (extra) parts and batteries for almost all models. In addition, it delivers Olight a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years!

buy flashlight
keychain etc

Bunch of keys EDC

Turn your bunch of keys into mini EDC equipment! People who are more familiar with EveryDay Carry solutions are known by the terms 'EDC Keychain' or 'Keychain survival'. These terms mean that you make your key ring multifunctional. You already carry the keys with you anyway, so why not make a set that you can use conveniently.

An EDC key ring often starts with a flashlight, pocket knife or mini multitool. By balancing the items on your bunch, you end up with a bunch of keys that is completely tailor-made for yourself. With everything you need for your mini EverdayDay Carry gear.

A nice way to start with EDC Keychain survival is a key holder Key-Bak of KeySmart. You can immediately add small tools to this without having a huge bunch of keys in your pocket.

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