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Olight flashlights are incredibly popular. These flashlights are not only flying like hot cakes in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of the world. This is mainly because Olight has proven that they only produce flashlights of high quality. For example, the housing of the flashlights is made of aluminum. The housings of some products are even made of titanium or copper. To emphasize the quality, the company gives a five-year warranty on all flashlights it sells.

Do you want a Olight buy a flashlight? Then you are there DailyGear at the right place. We are a point of sale for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. If you place an order on working days before 14:00, we will process it the same day. This means that your flashlight will always be delivered quickly.


How is the Olight flashlight emerge?

Company Olight saw the light of day in 2006. That same year, the first flashlight went on sale. Many more new products would follow over the years. Since its foundation, the company has not stood still, but major steps have been taken. This has led to the fact that today it has grown into a company that is known worldwide. The high quality of the flashlights and numerous innovations have made an important contribution to this development.

Compared to the first flashlight that Olight on the market, great strides have been made. For example, the latest flashlights have a (considerably) longer burning time than the first products. In addition, the company does everything it can to keep the size of the lamp as small as possible. It doesn't stop here, because nowadays almost all flashlights are made of Olight rechargeable. Most of the lamps can even be charged wirelessly via the magnetic bottom.

Large and diverse range Olight flashlights

Have you already taken a quick look at the range? Olight flashlights from DailyGear? Then you have undoubtedly noticed that we sell a lot of variety. Logical, because we already mentioned above that the company has not been sitting still in recent years. For example, new flashlights have been developed every time, so that our range has also become larger and larger.

DailyGear sells, among other things, a large number of spotlights and floodlights from Olight. The big advantage of these lamps is that they have different light modes. This allows you to set the light intensity of this flashlight yourself. Such lamps are, for example, suitable for use in the forest. Many people use Olight flashlights next to the campsite. You will also find various headlamps in our range. You attach such a lamp to your head, so that you have both hands free.

In the assortment Olight flashlights from DailyGear you don't just come across flashlights and headlamps. We also sell various weapon lamps. You can mount these lamps on your weapon in no time at all. With such a lamp you always have two hands free to operate the weapon. This allows you to easily and quickly anticipate various (imminent) situations.

Are you still looking for a good lamp for your bike? Then choose one of our Olight bicycle lights. Compared to a standard bicycle lamp, the price of these bicycle lamps may be a lot higher. This is not without reason, because considerably more light comes from such a bicycle lamp. With such a lamp on your bike, you no longer have to worry about not being noticed well in the dark.

Difference in lumens

De Olight flashlights from DailyGear differ from each other not only in color and dimensions. No, because not every lamp has the same number of lumens, for example. With this unit we express the light intensity of a Olight flashlight off. The higher the number of lumens, the greater the distance over which a lamp can shine. A lot of Olight flashlights have different positions, so you can determine the brightness yourself. Do you opt for a high brightness? Then you can see over a great distance in the dark. Do you realize that the battery of the flashlight does not last as long as you set the lamp to a higher brightness.

Do you want a flashlight from Olight to buy? Then you may wonder what the correct number of lumens is. This cannot be said in advance, because it depends on the purpose of the flashlight. 1000 lumens, for example, is far too much to illuminate something up close. Such a lamp can even blind you. If you are looking for a lamp for hunting, a flashlight with 1000 lumens can be useful. Do you want to walk your dog in the dark and are you looking for a suitable one here Olight flashlight for? Then a lamp of 500 lumens is sufficient. Are you in doubt? Then look at products where you can adjust the brightness yourself. You can use such a lamp for different purposes.

Why do you choose a flashlight from Olight?

There are countless companies manufacturing flashlights today. If you look purely at the price, they are Olight products may be more expensive than products from other brands. Do you think this is a disadvantage? Then you may not see why you need a flashlight from Olight would purchase. Yet this disadvantage does not outweigh the many advantages of one Olight flashlight. To convince you, we list the biggest advantages of flashlights below Olight on a row.

  1. High quality
    Buy your one Olight flashlight? Then you will absolutely not regret this. The flashlights of this brand are produced with the highest quality available. For example, the majority of the lamps have an aluminum housing. Olight sometimes wants to make an exception by manufacturing the housing from titanium or copper.
  2. Sustainability and
    A second advantage of Olight products is that they are sustainable. This is mainly because the lamps are made of high-quality and strong materials. This means they can certainly take a beating. If you're a Olight buy a flashlight, you do not have to worry that you will have to look for a new flashlight again in no time.
  3. Long burn time
    Burn time is an important factor for many people in the search for a new flashlight. Do you choose a lamp from Olight? Then you don't have to worry about this. Olight has only improved its lamps in recent years, so that you are assured of a long burning time. This means you don't have to worry about the fact that you'll be left with an empty flashlight in no time.
  4. Rechargeable
    Many flashlights still work on batteries. If these are empty, you need to replace them. The most Olight flashlights are now equipped with a rechargeable battery. This does not only apply to the mini flashlight for your key ring, but also to the powerful headlamps. Because many flashlights from Olight nowadays equipped with a magnetic bottom, you can even charge wirelessly. So no more hassle with cables and you never have to buy new batteries again.
  5. Different light intensities
    Unlike many other flashlights Olight flashlights over different light intensities. Because you set this manually, you determine how much light your flashlight emits. The big advantage of this is that a suitable light intensity can be found for every activity. Do you realize that the battery of your flashlight is empty faster as you use a greater light intensity.
  6. Resistant to (splash) water
    A sixth advantage of that Olight flashlights is that they are resistant to (splash) water. This usually does not apply to flashlights from other brands. Some products are completely waterproof, while others are water resistant to a degree. Do you choose a flashlight from Olight? Then you don't have to worry that your flashlight will fail if it comes into contact with water.
  7. Innovative
    Innovation is one of the most important pillars within Olight. The company strives to continue to innovate its flashlights. This only benefits the end products. Buy one of the newest Olight flashlights? Then you can assume that the most modern techniques and the latest gadgets have been used during production. As a result, you are not only assured of an innovative flashlight, but also of a qualitative one.
  8. Guarantee
    Last but not least the warranty. This is perhaps the biggest advantage. Because Olight convinced that it only sells flashlights of high quality, the company gives a 5-year warranty on every flashlight sold. This does not apply to headlamps, by the way. These lamps are not made of aluminum, which makes them slightly more vulnerable. Nevertheless, these lamps are still guaranteed for 2 years. The company gives at least one year warranty on batteries and accumulators.

Olight Buy flashlights at DailyGear

Are you convinced and do you want to Olight buy flashlights? Then you are there DailyGear at the right place. As you have probably already seen, we offer a large number Olight products. In our range you will find a large number of flashlights of Olight but it doesn't stop here. You can also come to us head torches, bicycle lighting en weapon lamps of ordering.

The wide range is not the only reason to order from us. Bee DailyGear you enjoy a large number of advantages. Do you order your Olight flashlight on weekdays before 14:00? Then we process your order the same day. Because of this it never takes long before you get your Olight have a lamp at home.

Do not wait any longer, but order Olight flashlights today DailyGear. Have you already placed your order? Then we will get to work for you as soon as possible. Before we proceed to shipping, we carefully pack your (flash) lamp, so that the risk of damage during transport is minimal. This allows you to enjoy our quality in no time Olight flashlights.